Glad you asked

Frequently asked questions

Do your vendors have Eftpos?

Vast majority of the vendors have Eftpos nowadays. Isn't it supposed to be a cashless society?

Can I bring my own Alcohol?

No, No and No. We have secured a liquour licence for the events with a great selection of wines, beers and craft ciders. The Barron Green nd French Bay events are in liquor ban areas and we require you to drink responsibly.

What if it rains?

We do our best to deal with all that Mother Nature brings but in the interest of public safety we may cancel the event if the weather is very bad. We update social media regularly.

Should I bring a picnic blanket?

Yes, we would encourage you to bring a picnic blanket, enjoy the great food and have a yarn to your new community friends.

Do your vendors cater for dietary requirements?

We always post our vendor line up well in advance of the events and recommend that you contact the vendors directly should have have any specific requirements.

Can I bring my dog?

Funny you should ask..yes, you can. Keep your pets on leads unless they are smaller than a cat and if he/she poops be a responsible Kiwi please

I am thinking of coming in fancy dress...a Darth Vader outfit. Is that ok?

We would encourage this.

Do you have live music?

Yes and we try and bring in local talent where possible. Always on the lookout for new talent so drop me a line.

I would like to book a food truck for my event

Head over to Love Street Food NZ the number 1 online street food and food truck visual directory